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The Most Unforgettable Experiences and Performances for Film and Television Premieres

Dance entertainment productions by Karmagraphy Entertainment - Los Angeles, CA


Film and television premieres are red-carpet events that must captivate, engage, and enthrall guests. Before the premiere, trust Karmagraphy Entertainment to choreograph and produce five-star performances and experiences that leave every audience member in awe.

Work with the entertainment industry's top performers and choreographers for a unique entertainment experience, including:

  • Fire Dancers

  • Snake Charmers

  • Burlesque Performers

  • Aerial Silk Performers

  • Mermaid Performers

  • Flash Mobs

  • Stilt Walkers

  • Contortionists

  • LED Dancers

Karmagraphy also can create a customized experience that complements the movie or brand. Contact us to learn more!

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