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Professional Dance Lessons From Renowned Performers and Choreographers

Dance choreography lessons by Karmagraphy Entertainment - Los Angeles, CA


Master professional dance routines and performances with lessons from the industry's leading dancers and choreographers. Karmagraphy instructs couples for amazing wedding first-dance performances and helps emerging dancers master their artistry and movements.

Karmagraphy offers dance lessons in the following genres:

  • Indian Classical Dance (Garba, Rajasthani, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, and Sangeet)

  • Salsa Dance

  • Belly Dance

  • Jazz Funk

  • Technique

  • Jazz Dance

  • Indian Classical Dance

  • Ballroom Dance

  • Hip Hop Dance

  • Bollywood

  • Tap Dancing

  • Bhangra

  • Ballet

  • Musical Theatre

  • Contemporary

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