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Karmagraphy Entertainment is the Exclusive Producer of Bollycirque Performances

Bollycirque production by Karmagraphy Entertainment - California


Karmagraphy Entertainment's founder Kavita Rao developed, designed, and produced the artistic concept of Bollycirque. This entertainment experience merges the elegant artistry and excitement of Bollywood dance with the intrigue of cirque (or circus) acrobatics. Rao and Karmagraphy conceptualized and produced the inaugural Bollycirque performance titled "Aaja--A Tale of Karmic Destiny," which retold the story of Alice in Wonderland through Hindu mythology. Karmagraphy offers unique Bollycirque performances for private events, weddings, Quinceanera celebrations, and corporate events. Discover the excitement, thrill, and elegant movements that enthrall guests with this exclusive entertainment experience.

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