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Professional Dance Instruction and Captivating Indian Classical Dance Performances for Weddings and Events

Best Indian dance lessons by Karmagraphy Entertainment - California

Event Type

Weddings, Bat Mizvah, Private Events, Birthdays, Movie Premiere, Television Premiere, Brand Launch, DEI, Schools, Theme Park Shows, Cruise Line Shows


Karmagraphy's dancers and choreographers specialize in professional dance instruction focused in Classical Indian Dance genres, including:

  • Bhangra

  • Garba

  • Rajasthani

  • Kathak

  • Bharatanatyam

  • Sangeet

Karmagraphy educates and guides couples in choreographing movements to ensure a flawless and enchanting performance for their guests. Karmagraphy's professionals also choreograph and produce Classical Indian dance performances at private and public events, DEI shows for schools, and at Hollywood television and movie premiere events.

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