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Bold Burlesque Performances Enrapture Guests with Cabaret Flair

Best Burlesque productions by Karmagraphy Entertainment - Las Vegas, NV

Event Type

Private Event, Television Premiere, Film Premiere, Brand Launch, Birthday Party


Burlesque refers to a comedic, cheeky performance that integrates elements of striptease for an enthralling, engaging, and slightly provocative event production. Burlesque offers a rich artistic history. These performances became synonymous with cabaret and the entertainers of the height of cabaret's popularity during the raucous Roaring '20s and 1930s; the most notable names associated with Burlesque included Gypsy Rose Lee, Fanny Brice, and Sally Rand. All of these celebrated dancers also performed in the renowned Ziegfeld Follies.

Book a Burlesque performance for adult audiences. Guests will appreciate the vintage appeal of these seductive and somewhat satirical theatrical productions.

Karmagraphy's performers choreograph Burlesque performances that pay homage to Sally Rand's provocative and alluring fan dances, Fanny Brice's notorious humor, and Gypsy Rose Lee's famed cabaret career.

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