Stage Productions

Many years of experience in this field make Karmagraphy the number one choice for choreography, dancers and artistic direction. Artists, musicians, DJs, and dancers work with Karmagraphy to create a show that stimulates all the senses. Dance and movement colorfully unite music, lights, sets and props.

AAJA- A Tale of Karmic Destiny

”AAJA" is a creation from Director, Kavita Rao, that flawlessly combines Bollywood, cirque, and contemporary styles into an intriguing and beautifully told story. The show follows a young woman in a surreal dream-like Bollywood world. Drawing upon the mythical tales of ancient India, she encounters various characters such as aerial goddesses’, stilt walkers, enchanting fire-eaters, mysterious ballerinas and an enigmatic enchantress who change her world for good.

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Bollywood Rise

Bollywood Rise is a full-length fusion dance spectacular that connects Indian tradition and Western styles. Karmagraphy's unique and eccentric choreography will inspire and amaze.  The show features talented professional dancers, a wide variety of specialty acts, and dazzling Bollywood costumes.  Don't miss this world class experience, bring us to your city today! 

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Incarnations of a Goddess

Incarnations of a Goddess premiered in February 2015 and served as an all encompassing experience of Indian dance, culture, and entertainment. The evening featured Karmagraphy's trademark Bollywood Fusion performers as well as a new show of Bollywood Cabaret. Those who attended were left in awe! 


— KTLA 5

"These dancers are on FIRE!

It's a must see show!"