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The Tale

“AAJA– A Tale of Karmic Destiny” follows a young woman in a surreal, dream-like Bollywood world. Drawing upon the mythical tales of ancient India, she encounters various characters such as an aerial goddess, a hypnotic serpent, an enchanting fire-eater, mysterious ballerinas and an enigmatic enchantress who change her world for the better by enabling her to experience her Karmic journey as it unfolds.


"AAJA" is the FIRST production to flawlessly combine Bollywood, cirque, and contemporary styles into an intriguing and beautifully told story.


Producing company Karmagraphy is one of LA’s premiere dance companies and boasts an accomplished roster of dancers who have performed with A-List celebrities, singers and musicians, and for major corporations, production companies, exclusive private events and weddings. The team tours the country performing sold out shows for upwards of over 10,000 people.


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